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Smaco Technologies is working on an ideology of defining solutions for Small Computers (Smart Devices).

Smaco Store & Warehouse Management is a complete solution for your all supply chain needs and provides you fullfilment capabilities.

  • Material Inward & Quality Check
  • Rack Management
  • Production Line Request
  • Material Request Dashboard
  • FIFO Issue From Warehouse
  • Receive Material On Production Line
  • Periodic Stock Verification
  • Inventory I/O Analysis


Make the right choice and sell online seamlessly by leveraging the SMACO Warehouse Management System (WMS) to succeed in the present times of cut-throat competition.

Receiving and stowing

Any warehousing operation must be able to receive inventory or freight from trucks at loading docks and then stow them away in a storage location. A warehouse management system will need to be able to scan in each new box received with the inventory quantities it has.

Inventory tracking

Inventory tracking is monitoring stock levels so you know which SKUs you have in your warehouse and the exact locations in which you store them, or if they are in transit from a manufacturer or en route to a store.

Picking and packing

Picking and packing are two core functions performed in a warehouse. A warehouse management system should generate pick lists for each picker to retrieve items in the most efficient way. This may include zone picking, wave picking, or batch picking.


A warehouse management system should provide out-of-the-box operational and inventory reports across the warehouse. This may include accuracy in fulfilling orders (total mis-picks, mis-packs, etc.), total orders fulfilled by the hour to measure efficiency of staff, orders shipped on time, and much more.

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Inward & Rack Management

By having a systematically organized facility, a company increases the likelihood that production will occur exactly as it should.

Enforcing your workforce

GRN Labels are printed and pasted on the material packets when inward material is declared Okay by Quality Team

Material Packets are physically shifted to the Racks

Scanning is done for the barcodes on material packet along with location barcode to make material location available in the system

Handling of SKU's 100%
Efficiency to serve Production 90%
Manual Errors Reduced to 5%

Requests From Production Line

By automating your warehouse functionalities you can shift your focus on enhancing your production indent, business growth capabilities, and demonstrate amplified profit margins.

Effortless Inbound / Outbound Operations

Considering Production Plan and current material on production line, material requests can be generated manually as well as automatically based on the configurations.

Scanning accuracy 100%
FIFO Based Picking98%
Error Count <3%

Material Request Dashboard

All the manual and/or automatic material requests from different production lines are visible on TV Screens with their urgency levels in different colors.

Fast Consolidation And Sorting

Enable cautious and quick handling of inventory across multiple warehouses and fulfillment centers to save on product distribution costs.

Handling of SKU's 100%
Efficiency to serve Production 90%
Manual Errors Reduced to 5%

FIFO issue from warehouse

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Quick Clearance Of Aging Inventory

User will pick the material request based on the urgency level in production line

User will start scanning barcodes on the material packets/boxes physically stored in different locations of Warehouse (Location names are displayed in the PICKAWAY screen of device app)

Once barcode scanning of all the available material packets is done, User starts Issue Slip punching in ERP (This will shift the materials from Warehouse Stock to Buffer Stock virtually in ERP)

Punched Issue Slips can be directly printed from the device app once Issue Slip No is generated in ERP

Scanning accuracy 100%
FIFO Based Picking98%
Error Count <3%

Periodic Stock Verification

By having a systematically organized facility, a company increases the likelihood that production will occur exactly as it should.

Error-Free Cycle Count

When Customer or Auditor come for auditing purpose, Box-By-Box Barcode Scanning is done for each and every material to see the system vs actual stock

Verification Analysis is shown in a very simple way where total packets, verified boxes and consumed boxes are displayed

Entire Verification Analysis can be shared on Mail, WhatsApp or any other communication channel with Customer or Auditor from device app

Handling of SKU's 100%
Efficiency to serve Production 90%
Manual Errors Reduced to 5%

Enable Smart & Integrated Management Of Resources

The e-commerce-focused Warehouse Management solution is best suited to handle the complexities of any type and size of e-commerce business.


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